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Track Meetings on track for new record

With only one Track Meeting left for this season, we are on track for a new record in registrations. Not only the number of contestants is peaking, there are several results this year which already made us very proud. Enough reasons for organizing some festivities for all athletes and volunteers during the last Track Meeting of 2013. 

After 5 Track Meetings we have already had 2,874 registrations. Last season we just missed the 3000 registrations, but for this year that seems a piece of cake. The Track Meetings are known for a high number of registrations but the current average of 575 (!) registrations per evening for this season so far easily breaks all our records.
After last season we thought we had a record that would had a long-lasting record but so far we have had 70 registrations more per evening. The 800 meters has been on top of registrations for years now. This year we have a staggering average of 116 registrations per evening for this single event. Also the 1500, 100 and 3000 meters are well attended with 96, 88 and 80 registrations respectively. However, not only the track events are populair. This year we notice a considerable increase in the number of athletes in the field events. It should be noted that, with the exception of one evening, the weather conditions have been very good for the athletes.
The downside of this success is that the high number of contestants on the track events has lead to some unwanted delays. We know that an unexpected delay in the start time does not help our contestants to get the best possible performance. An extended warming-up is not what we want. During an intermediate evaluation we have discussed this amoung the organisation and worked out some ideas for improvement. Some are implemented instantly while others require some more preparation.

Good performances
Though we are and will remain a recreational event, we frequently get requests for qualification races and also top athletes find their way to the Track Meetings every now and then. We gladly make some room for a special request and we are proud if top athletes like Bram Som and Eelco Sintnicolaas participate in our races. The number of PB's and club records is incredibly high. 2013 is very well represented in our own 'Track-Meetings-best-list' and athletes achieved some nices SB's and even a few National records during our competition. 
This year's most notable result is registered by Sifan Hassan. During the 5th Track Meeting of this season, this 3000 meters wonder ran the incredible time of 8:41.61, the second best WORLD seasons result in 2013. Only the winner of the Diamond League game in London was a little faster (0.15 seconds to be exact). We hope to hear a lot from this talent in the years to come and of course she is very welcome to return to the Track Meetings to attack her PB.

Atletes and volunteers
First and foremost the athletes are the people where this event is all about. We do all we can to give them the best possible competition and make sure they can perform at their best. We value their feedback to help us bringing the Track Meetings to a higher level. With 'we', we do not only mean the organization committee but also the many volunteers that help us with the organisation of the Track Meetings. Every evening there are about 50 volunteers present to make sure everything runs smoothly. This is a crucial part of our 'machine' as without them there is nothing. The organization committee owes them a great deal of gratitude and we hope we may use their services a lot in future.
During this season's finale we will give all athletes and volunteers some extra attention and a 'thank you'. It goes without saying there will be something special for our 3000th registration and we have some other plans as well to maken the final Track Meeting of 2013 extra special. Should you have a good idea for this, please let us know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

During every season we are frequently asked about lost-and-found items. We also notice sometimes athletes take similar items like clothing home and later notice it is not theirs. While athletes are generally quite attached to their clothes/shoes, we would like you to contact us so we can assist in returning this to the rightfull owner. All items we have already found this year can be collected on 30th August. Please be aware that by the end of this year we are clearing our lost-and-found section.

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