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The new season is about to commence

Looking at the weather in the past couple of weeks a great summer must be on its way. Good weather is often seen at the Track Meetings for which we are in full preparation. After a very successful 2013 where we had a staggering number of 3375 (!) registrations, we are starting again from 0. Last winter we have been looking at what we could improve to handle the huge amount of athletes whilst still maintaining the unique Track Meetings concept.

The immense growth (in 2013 we had over 400 registrations more than in 2012) has resulted is some 'growing pains' which we hope to solve this year. The fact that we were unable to keep up with our time schedule was most annoying. In order to solve this without having to start with pre-registration, we have taken some precautionary measures. Most of them will not affect the athletes but some are. In order to process all registrations in time and make sure the lists are available well before the event starts, we have to close our registration 15 minutes earlier. Please observe the registration desk will close 45 minutes before the start of the event.

Furthermore we have been looking at the time used per event and amended the time table accordingly. Finally we have decided that participants in the events with hurdles (100, 200 & 400 m) will have to sign up via the website as well. Just as the athletes for the field events (Discus Throw, Hammer Throw and Javelin Throw) you have to sign up on our website so we can reserve a spot for you. This allows us to look at series and heights of the hurdles so we can handle this event more efficiently. The athlete will still need to register on the day of the race and if we have any openings also people who did not sign up on our website can be placed.

The Track Meetings are an event for a wide range of athletes and this season it gets even wider. In February we have been contacted by the Atletiekunie to discuss a possible the IPC-status for the Track Meetings. IPC stands for International Paralympic Committee and the IPC-status means all results from disabled athletes during the Track Meetings will be posted on the IPC world ranking. Up until last season the talents in the Netherlands only had a couple of competitions per year where results counted for this ranking but from 2014 onwards this has changed. We anticipate our IPC-status will also attract foreign athletes. Most athletes will just blend in the regular program but every now and then there will for instance be a series for wheelers. More information on the IPC-status can be found elsewhere on the website.

Finally we are pleased to inform you that for the next three years we will continue under the name of RunnersWorld Track Meetings. RunnersWorld Utrecht has been present with a stand at the track last year and will be our title sponsor until 2016. The shop inside stadion Galgenwaard is located only 600m from our track and during most Track Meetings they will be open for late night shopping with several benefits for our participants. More specific information will follow once the agreement has been signed.

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