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New in 2015: Track Meetings junior

The Runnersworld Track Meeting have been a populair series of athletic events for years now. For a good part, this is the result of a strong and unusual concept. During the season we frequently get requests from D-juniors (which we all respectfully decline) and a considerable number of C-juniors also compete in the B-juniors category. This raised the idea to set up a new event with a similar concept, the Track Meetings Junior.

This event is open to D-juniors and C-juniors and you will notice some well-known Track Meeting elements. For instance, series will be sorted by expected result and not by sex and/or age category. Also there is no option for pre-registration. Registration is only possible on site until 45 minutes before the start of the event one wishes to participate in and more similarities can be found.

There are also quite a few differences. The program is different and the Track Meetings Junior will be held on Sunday afternoons instead of Friday evenings. As this is only the first time an event like this is organized, there will not be 6 events but only 2 for a start. They will be held on 17th May and 7th June.

We hope this will be a good step for many youngsters before participating in the Runnersworld Track Meetings. Though the organisation of the Track Meetings Junior is not the same as the Runnersworld Track Meetings, it stays in the hands of athletics clubs U-Track and Phoenix.

Agenda 2019

3 may
24 may
21 june
12 july
9 august
30 august
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