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Official results Track Meetings (2010 - 2016)
Official results Track Meetings (1998 - 2010)

Direct online results via ET Utrecht (since 2013)

Track records
The track records from 'atletiekbaan Overvecht', our location till 2011, are being recorded on the AV Phoenix website. The track records from 'atletiekbaan Maarschalkerweerd' (opened up in autumn 2011) are published here.

Best athletes list
Here you can find the best athletes list from the Track Meetings (last updated: 1st March 2014)
In these lists all results from 1998 (the first year from which we have digital results available) onwards are processed.
Results from special side events are not taken into account. Masters are combined with 'senioren'.  
If an athlete has more than one result in the top ten, only the best result is published in the list. Masters are no separate category in these lists.