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Rules and regulations
  1. The Track Meetings are open to Juniors B, Juniors A, Seniors and Masters. Juniors C are allowed to compete as Junior B (Reg. 320.3). Juniors D are not allowed to participate (Reg. 320.3)
  2. At the track events, the series are sorted by the time indicated on the registration card. We start with the fastest series!
  3. The "regular" rule (Reg 162.7) with respect to false starts applies for all athletes, so also for Masters!
  4. At the track events where starting blocks are used, Masters are allowed to start without starting blocks.
  5. At the field events: Discus Throw/Hammer Throw/Javelin Throw/Shot Put/Triple Jump/Long Jump every competitor has 4 attempts. If possible the race director can grant a fifth and/or sixth attempt.
  6. At Pole Vault* the bar is raised by 20 cm each time. The race director can deviate from this rule if the number of competitors allows for this.
  7. At High Jump* the bar is raised by 5 cm each time. The initial height will be determined after consulting the competitors.
*If a deviation of the standard intervals is required for a National Record/Limit we will accommodate for this.

Since 20 years all track events are registered by electronic timekeeping. At the sprint and Long Jump events an anemometer is used.

IPC status

Registration is on site only (no pre registration possible) and starts at 5:45 pm. Registration closes thirty minutes prior to the start of the specific event. An exception is made for the field events (Discus Throw/Hammer Throw/Javelin Throw). Competitors for these events can sign up until 24 hours prior by using this form. Attention! On the day of the Track Meeting you will have to register again. The signing up procedure is only in place to prevent too much competitors during the normal registration procedure which we could not accomodate on our field.

Entry fee

Seniors/Masters €3,50 per event, Juniors €3,00 per event. 
To allow for a swift registration please mention your 'Atletiekunie bondsnummer' on your registration card. If this is not filled in we will charge you an additional € 1.00. This rule does not apply to foreign competitors.

More information can be requested at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From 2012 onwards the Track Meetings are held on the new 'Atletiekbaan Maarschalkerweerd'. This new track is fitted with:
  • 8 Sprint lanes (direction North -> South)
  • 8 Lanes roundtrack + Steeple
  • 4x Sand boxes
  • 2x Triple-Jump lanes (5m/7m/9m/11m/13m jump beams)
  • 2x Javelin Throw
  • 2x Shot Put
  • 2x High Jump
  • 1x Pole vault
  • 1x Discuswerpen
  • 1x Hamer Throw / Discus Throw

Agenda 2018

11 may
1 june
13 july
3 august
31 august
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